T.O.M tournament of the minds

On Friday the eighteenth of August was T.O.M(Tournament of the minds). Tournament of the minds is a program that children from Primary school and Secondary are offered every year as a bit of a challenge that they can work on and verse other schools in. First of all you get in to groups of seven ranging from all different year levels such as 3-6 or 7-9. Then there are four different challenges they are Language lit, Maths engineering, Social sciences and Applied technology. You then get six months to come up with a solution to your challenge and ten mins on the day to present it and the best solution wins. Oh and did I forget to mention that there are lots of different stages that you can pass if you get past the first couple rounds and make it to the final then you get to go overseas.

Along with a six month challenge there is also another one that you get randomly thrown at you on the day called the Spontaneous challenge. The Spontaneous challenge is usually a problem solving one. (E.G) Every year there is a day to celebrate cats what is it called and why would it be celebrated. You then get four mins to discuss the challenge and one minute to present it.

I think Tournament of the minds is a great experience because you get a sense of leadership and you also get a challenge to test your mind skills. My opinion states that you should do Tournament of the minds as is a great challenge and a very fun way to look back and enjoy your year.