GTAC Reflection

On the 31St of October half of the 5/6 went on an excursion to GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre). We spent most of our day there as we were looking through Microscopes and solving crimes. Our Integrated studies program theme this term is Forensic Science. At GTAC we were trying to solve a crime about a puppy dog who was always running away , we had to workout were the puppy was running away to.

On the day we were split into groups of six and we all had a personal science trainer. My science trainers name was Carlo. Carlo studied Biotechnology. Biotechnology is a science, that as he explained takes some evidence and puts it under a microscope then looks inside the evidence to see a whole world that we cant see with the naked eye. This can help with solving crimes and looking at the evidence.

The main organisers name was  Justine she was a  major in science. Justine has recently done project on fruit fly and actually worked out how they are attracted to fruit.  Another woman was Nicole. Nicole has done a science degree and we were told to call her DR Nicole. These ladies were very helpful  with our problems and special needs.

These terrific people have been interested in science all there life and i guess its just a privilege that they get to do what they love everyday.

The 5 Facts of Fiction: Lockie Leonard Legend

# 1 Fiction is all about a character: Lockie is the main character. He has brown frizzy hair and brown eyes.

#2 Fiction is all about what your character wants: Lockie wants his family to become normal again. Ever since his dad left his mum has been mentally ill.

#3 Fiction is all about how your character gets or dose not get what he or she wants: Lockie is trying to control his mum by asking her to calm down and relax. By doing this lockie has become more confident and mature.

#4 Fiction is all about how your character changes: Lockie has changed because he is at the end stages of puberty but his brother is at the start so he is trying to look after him.

#5 Fiction is all about a world an author  creates: Lockie lives in a messy world because of all of the problems he and his family are going through.

T.O.M tournament of the minds

On Friday the eighteenth of August was T.O.M(Tournament of the minds). Tournament of the minds is a program that children from Primary school and Secondary are offered every year as a bit of a challenge that they can work on and verse other schools in. First of all you get in to groups of seven ranging from all different year levels such as 3-6 or 7-9. Then there are four different challenges they are Language lit, Maths engineering, Social sciences and Applied technology. You then get six months to come up with a solution to your challenge and ten mins on the day to present it and the best solution wins. Oh and did I forget to mention that there are lots of different stages that you can pass if you get past the first couple rounds and make it to the final then you get to go overseas.

Along with a six month challenge there is also another one that you get randomly thrown at you on the day called the Spontaneous challenge. The Spontaneous challenge is usually a problem solving one. (E.G) Every year there is a day to celebrate cats what is it called and why would it be celebrated. You then get four mins to discuss the challenge and one minute to present it.

I think Tournament of the minds is a great experience because you get a sense of leadership and you also get a challenge to test your mind skills. My opinion states that you should do Tournament of the minds as is a great challenge and a very fun way to look back and enjoy your year.

Personal Learning Goals semester 1

Goals Reflection

This semester I feel I have improved I lots of things. One of my goals was to get better at division and multiplication. I fell I have achieved this because I know most of the strategies accomplish division and multiplication but I feel that I can learn a few more strategy’s to get  quicker at figuring the problems out.

Another one of my goals was to get better at grammar. I feel I have achieved this goal very well and I can make my writing sound very exciting.




Future Learning Goals

My goals I would like to achieve next semester are to work faster so I can get on to the next task as quick as possible I would also like to get better at spelling so I can get on to the harder lists in spelling city and become a better speller I would like to get better at reading because I love it but it takes me a long time to finish books.  Finally I would like to improve on my I.C.T skills to become better with using computers and be able to post more writing on my blog.