Caged chickens letter

To Safeway, Aldi and other food supply stores,

Caging chickens is an offence and it needs to be stopped now. Imagine if you were stuffed into a tiny cage with a dozen other chickens and forced against your will to lay eggs for cruel workers and other Australians.

It is believed that 90% of eggs that are being sold are caged and only 10% are free range. We need to get out of this habit of slaughtering these chickens for breakfast. It is just wrong in every way.

10.5 million Chickens are killed every year. We wonder why chickens are the most abused animal in Australia. It is said by the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) that the hen’s cages are the size of an A4 paper and are only 40 cm high. How big is your house? ……..bigger that’s what I thought.

These workers are cruel to our Chickens. They make our poor chickens lay twice as many eggs by playing with their sense of light. Imagine if you were made to make 20 eggs instead of 10 eggs all because these workers want more from you. We need to stand of for these chickens to prevent more abuse.

If we were to buy free range or RSPCA approved eggs then we would be able to stop this slaughter at its core. We already rewind and destroyed millions of chicken life’s and it will be stopped. I and many others are getting sick of this sexist behaviour against females and woman when the same thing is happening to these chickens and no one evens knows of the pain they go through.

With this letter comes great disappointment that I am not even listing every traumatising thing you do to these animals. There is no time for kind remarks. This to stop and it needs to stop now.

Brigitte Coulsell

Sport And Games Are Just As Important As Study

I strongly believe that sport and games are as important as study. My three reasons are sports will keep you fit and healthy as well as keep you learning new things, sports can help you find your natural talent and games are educated so you can study from them.

I believe that doing sport is very important. Sports keep you fit and healthy because by doing sport you get lots of hygiene into your body. Sport also gets you moving. While your doing sport other people could be at home sitting in front of the television on the couch with a bag of chips in their hand. Sports keep you fit because they get your body excited learn if you come to school after sport.

Secondly sports can help you find your natural talent. I do swimming and before I started swimming Didn’t know that I could even swim. Athletes like Usan bolt would not be athletes if they didn’t do sport. We  could not even know they existed. some people love sport and if they had no time to do it that would be one thing they love just gone like the wind.

My third and final reason is that games and sport are educational as well as studys. Most games help you learn something. I think we should play more games in school because we learn from games and we are always looking at technology and books we need to get out and about more and get active in school.

In conclusion I strongly believe that sport and games are as important as studys because it keeps us fit and healthy. Sport can help you discover your natural talent and sport and games are very educational.

Persuasive Text School Uniform

I strongly believe that school uniform should be compulsory for all schools. School uniform means more than just looking neat it means getting to school on time in the morning trust me I have learnt that from personal experiences. So to save you the pain of having to go through that read this and I will show all those kids out there that school uniform is a great thing.


First of all school uniform is a great thing because it means that young kids wont get bullied if there not as fashion forward as others. People might not have enough time or money to spend on looking and buying clothes for their children. And school uniform is just one of those things that you can get ready the day before. Getting things ready for school the night before leads back to getting to school on time. You don’t have to pick out three different things from your wardrobe because with school uniform you don’t have a choice you just pick it up and your done.


My second reason is that if you were school uniform you are Representing your school when you go out in public.[e.g.] If someone elderly has fallen over and there is nobody around but you. So you help him and you find out he is ok and he asks you what school you go to so you tell him and he says he will call them up and tell them how nice you have been to him.


My final reason is that if all schools have school uniform then it will make the school look like they are very educated and make there school look like they care about there students feelings.


In conclusion I believe all schools should have school  Uniform. Thanks for listening.


Hi my name is Brigitte coulsell . I strongly believe I should be  your SRC REP 2013. I am very helpful and i am ready for any challenge  this year will throw at me


I fell that I would be a great SRC  Representative because I am a very hard worker and I love a challenge . I think by being 5/6bs SRC Rep I can really help our class become stronger by getting everyone involved and letting everyone know what the school comity is doing .


I also feel I would be a great leader for 5/6b. I am very Caring and I would love for Everyone to feel they can come to me for anything.


I would also love to be on the school comity because I would always feel like I would be helping the school in some way


I strongly believe I should be 5/6bs SRC Rep because I would be committed to my job and I would make sure I took it seriously. Thankyou for listening.