100 word challenge week 8

“Ahh everybody run my monster crocodile will eat you all”!

“My monster crocodile has razor sharp teeth that will cut through your skin 100 miles per hour”.

If you say”Come get your dinner” he thinks your actually saying

“Time to eat me now”.

“So what’s his name yelled a man from the distance

“Sweaty” I replied “But I knew that when i brought him he would be the most cruel animal in the history of animals”

“So that’s the story of Sweaty but i am just warning you never get a crocodile Unless you want to die”!




Goals for semester one Brigitte

This semester I would like to get better at multiplication and division. I would like to get better at multiplication and division because I want to be able to do hard problems off the top of my head .I would also like to improve my grammar and punctuation because I’m a good writer but when I want to make my writing more exciting I am not sure where to put the punctuation or grammar. Finally, I would like to be involved in class discussions and let my opinion be heard.