Personal Learning Goals semester 1

Goals Reflection

This semester I feel I have improved I lots of things. One of my goals was to get better at division and multiplication. I fell I have achieved this because I know most of the strategies accomplish division and multiplication but I feel that I can learn a few more strategy’s to get  quicker at figuring the problems out.

Another one of my goals was to get better at grammar. I feel I have achieved this goal very well and I can make my writing sound very exciting.




Future Learning Goals

My goals I would like to achieve next semester are to work faster so I can get on to the next task as quick as possible I would also like to get better at spelling so I can get on to the harder lists in spelling city and become a better speller I would like to get better at reading because I love it but it takes me a long time to finish books.  Finally I would like to improve on my I.C.T skills to become better with using computers and be able to post more writing on my blog.