My Two Day Nightmare

click here to listen to this post ‘Henry its dinner time’ “coming mum” whispered Henry ‘just let me pack up my toys’. Henry was 8 and very lonely. His only friends were his toys that he loved dearly . At school his main friend was the toilet that he spent most of his school life getting dunked in. Henry lived with his parents Mavis and Bob who were quit the jokers and very clumsy.

As henry was walking out to eat dinner BAM!!!! Ambulances and Fire trucks started to arrive at the front of Henry’s ” Luckily it was just a mild fire” shouted one of the police officers over all the noise “You can go back inside now” ” Thank you” said Mavis and Bob ” ” Henry your going to bed now”

Two hours later everyone was in bed but Henry couldn’t get to sleep so he decided maybe he should start counting sheep. “1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep 4 sheep 5″ BANG!! Henry jumped up at the noise that surrounded him. Then the startled boy herd ruffling in the lounge room he ran to his parents” wake up” “wake up” but they wouldn’t budge so Henry ran back to his room but it was to late the robber had seen him ” Your coming with me” ” were are you taking me”? ” Please no stop please” his parents got up ” Henry were are you”?  But it was to late the robber had gone and taken henry with him.

“Please let me go” “please” please” screeched Henry as he was sobbing in the back car “what did I ever do to you”? asked Henry as puzzled as can be. “look mate my name’s Dale and its my duty to do stuff like this is that clear” asked Dale “OK” replayed Henry “now zip your lips or you never see those silly parents of yours again” “is that clear”? there was no reply ” I said is that clear and when I ask you something  answer me OK” “yes”

They arrived at a large concert building which was guarded by electric fences.”welcome to your new home” giggled Dale ” you will be staying down there” Dale pointed to a cellar at the bottom of  the building.” you will do what I say now” “do you understand me?” Henry nodded “now come with me” yelled Dale.

Henry and Dale knocked on the door and it cracked open. Dale led Henry down a long narrow hallway to the cellar. “get comfy” laughed Dale and he slammed the door shut. Not long after Dale had gone Henry rolled on the floor in depression and started to cry.

The next morning Henry woke up and soon realized that he was the only one up so he made a run for it. Henry silently open’d the door and creped up the stairs then he tip toed past dale’s and ran to the door “try’n to escape are ya” “n….nnn..” Henry hesitated “I was just looking at that tree” “what tree”? That’s when Henry sprinted to the fence “OH NO” he was caught at that moment Henry turned around to see that Dale was trailing closely behind. Luckily he saw a hole in the fence and crawled under just in the nick of time he was finely out of that prison cell.

As Henry was heading home he saw thins strange car in the distance that seemed to be heading straight for him. As it got closer he realized that his parents were coming to collect him. as he jumped in the car he asked “how did you possibly find me”? “The police have a tracker device” they replied ” but there is no time to talk now dale his trailing close behind. Henry’s parents were actually smarted than we thought because in the end they led dale straight to the police officers.

In the end Dale was charged with 6 years jail and Henry and his family were reunited and never separated again.