Human Body Systems

The Nervous System:

The brain has over one hundred billion neurons that travel up and down your body every time it touches something. The neurons travel travel at a speed of 800,000 km per hour and send messages to your brain about what is happening at the bottom of your body. When the neurons get to the brain there are two different parts the right side and the left side. The right side controls music and the arts while the left side controls reading and writing.If you were to damage a side of the brain that would be called ‘ Brain damage’ and you would have to have surgery and you might become paraplegic.

The Circulatory System:

The Circulatory system is very important because it pumps the blood to get to the heart. The heart is made up of two parts the left side and the right side. The left side sends the blood around the body while the right sends it back to the heart.

The Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic system was first discovered by Thomas Bathion. Thomas first discovered the Lymphatic system in 1652 and died in 1680. The Lymphatic system contains Lymph, that is created by white blood cells that travel through the body and fight diseases. To keep your Lymphatic system healthy it is best to do things like yoga, meditation and eat healthy food.

The Muscular System:

The body is made up with over 650 muscles. Skeletal muscles work in pairs called Triceps and Biceps. Triceps and Biceps loosen and tighten the muscles in your body so you can move. The biggest muscle is called the pectoialis muscle. The Pectoialis muscle sits on the chest for men and for woman it is placed under the breast.

T.O.M tournament of the minds

On Friday the eighteenth of August was T.O.M(Tournament of the minds). Tournament of the minds is a program that children from Primary school and Secondary are offered every year as a bit of a challenge that they can work on and verse other schools in. First of all you get in to groups of seven ranging from all different year levels such as 3-6 or 7-9. Then there are four different challenges they are Language lit, Maths engineering, Social sciences and Applied technology. You then get six months to come up with a solution to your challenge and ten mins on the day to present it and the best solution wins. Oh and did I forget to mention that there are lots of different stages that you can pass if you get past the first couple rounds and make it to the final then you get to go overseas.

Along with a six month challenge there is also another one that you get randomly thrown at you on the day called the Spontaneous challenge. The Spontaneous challenge is usually a problem solving one. (E.G) Every year there is a day to celebrate cats what is it called and why would it be celebrated. You then get four mins to discuss the challenge and one minute to present it.

I think Tournament of the minds is a great experience because you get a sense of leadership and you also get a challenge to test your mind skills. My opinion states that you should do Tournament of the minds as is a great challenge and a very fun way to look back and enjoy your year.


Q. When you are reading and come to something you don’t know, what do you do? Do you do anything else?

A. when I am reading and I get stuck on a word I look it up in the dictionary to find out what it means.

Q.Who is a good reader you know?

A. Grace is a good reader I know because she always stops and thinks about her book and doesn’t just rush through so she can finish.   

Q.What makes them a good reader?

A. For me a good reader is someone who takes there time and concentrates on there book.  

Q. Do you think they ever come to something they don’t know?

A. Yes I do think Grace comes across things she doesn’t know.

Q.If yes, when they do come to something they don’t know what do you think they do? If no, what do you think they would do?

A. When Grace comes across things she doesn’t know she doesn’t know I think she looks it up in the dictionary.  

Q.If you knew someone was having trouble reading how would you help that person?

A. If I knew someone who was having trouble with reading I would help them sound out the word and talk through it with them 

Q.What would a/your teacher do to help that person?

A. My teacher would 

Q.How did you learn to read?

A.My parents and prep teacher tough me.

Q.What would you like to do better as a reader?

A. If would like to be able to read more fluently. 

Q.Do you think you are a good reader? Why?

A. I think i am a good reader because I pay attention to my book and really get lost in it.

Grammar-mania! write 10 sentences of your own.

 Write 10 sentences of your own. Underline all the nouns you used.

1. The boat was docked on the shore.

2. My cat ate a mouse.

3. My friends name is Ellie and she loves grapes.

4. My friend’s mum is very moody and mean.

5.I have a cat  that is fat.

6. It gets cold in the north pole.

7. My name is Brigitte and i play the Cello.

8. My name is Grace and i love to eat grapes.

9.  In Australia it is hot in summer.

10. I have a Farm with lots of animals Cows, Horses and Sheep.

Grammar-mania! Exercise 2: Nouns

1. From the top of a small hill, we saw the Northumberland Strait.
2. The ocean was calm, and the clouds were Beautiful.
3. Then, the little boats began to appear.
4. The fishermen were out checking their traps for lobster.
5. Many people in this area spend most of their lives on the sea.
6. Local markets are full of mussels, clams, scallops, and lobster.
7. In small villages, canneries prepare seafood for shipment to Japan.
8. When their boats are full, the fishermen return to their harbours for the night.
9. If the weather is good, their catch is usually large.
10. Storms make life on the water dangerous.

Grammar-mania! LESSON 1: NOUNS

1. The dog chased the cat under the porch.
2. Muffins made with blueberries are delicious.
3. My daughter sold her computer to a friend.
4. Robert drove his car to Saint John and shopped for a new truck.
5. So much snow covered the roads, that even truck drivers pulled into motels.
6. The passengers on the ship witnessed the collision with the iceberg.
7. The Titanic sank in a few hours; many husbands and wives were separated.
8. Penguins live near the South Pole, but these birds aren’t bothered by the cold.
9. Many retired couples move to Florida where the weather is warmer.
10. Shediac is closer to the Confederation Bridge than Riverview is.