Handwriting Anyalisis



Handwriting Analysis Interview



What is your job?

Answer:  ”I am a handwriting analyst.”

What does your job involve?

Answer: “I look at handwriting from a crime scene to see who performed a forgery.”

What are the most important parts of your job?

Answer: “Looking at the handwriting I have to be very accurate when looking at characteristics because that is very important.”

What area is your job in and how does it help your area?

Answer: “My job is in the area of forensic science, and it helps with finding out who forged a piece of writing.

What was your favorite case?

Answer: ”My favorite case was when a man called Bob forged a certificate of death, the next day the person that they forged it on John turned up at my house!”

When did you first get into handwriting analysis? 

Answer: “My dad was a police man and I really liked what he did so I looked at forensic science jobs and saw this and it just went from there.”

How much is handwriting analysis being used now  compared to long ago?

 Answer: “I think it is being used more accurately now but it was still used a bit back then but definitely not as accurate because we have much more high advance technology to help us.”

How do you think handwriting analysis will be used in the future?

Answer: “I think that it could go 3 ways it might only be used a little bit,it may be used as much as it is now or it may stop being used.”




Clyde Snow

Clyde Snow

Clyde Snow was born January 7, 192  and grew up with his father in fort worth texas. Clyde is a well known U.S forensic  Anthropologist. Clyde started his higher education at the New Mexico Military Institute  where he earned an Associated Degree


Some of Snow’s work is very  high profile . He helped identify Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele’s remains, identified the bones of a scout who died at Little Bighorn and examined the remains of boys and young men killed by John Wayne .


As you can see snows work has been very helpful to others in need of a helping hand. He has  identified many crimes and I find it amazing that his work has helped big events that are well known today.


Snow has used his skills as a forensic anthropologist, working tirelessly to reveal the fates of thousands of victims of violent situations . In 1984, under the sponsorship of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Dr. Snow travelled to Argentina to help the National Commission. Dr. Snow found the corpses of thousands of the young women and men, who had been tortured by the military between 1976 and 1983.


In the  1970s Clyde snow was one of the most famous anthropologists in  the world. Examining very important people . Clyde has also used many of his skills  for Forensic  anthropology for instance investigating  the Argentinian war and other cases around the world.


Clyde received  the social justice award for his great bravery and social skills. Receiving  this award is a great honour because it is not only an achievement but it proves that you have put your skills to work to do something very good with your life and done something that you are good at and not just because you think its cool.


I feel snow is an amazing man because he helps lots of crimes and people around the world. Before this project I knew nothing about Clyde Snow and now I know that he is one of the most amazing anthropologist in the world and he has helped hundreds if not millions of people world wide.









Term One Research Project: A World Of Difference

Make a list of the most important things you learnt?

I learnt a lot while doing this project. most of the things I had no idea even existed in India’s culture. the most important things I learnt while doing this project where presentation and research skills. I learnt how to gather information and mould it together to form as one. e.g. I had two different pieces of information one on how the taj mahal was made and the other was on facts about the taj mahal and I moulded them together to sound like this: the taj mahal is made of pure white marble and is 2,555 ft. wide.

What can you do now that you could not do before?

After having this experience I can take away a lot with me. something I can do now is put information into my own words e.g. if I found a piece of information that said India have a lot of religions. I would put it in to my own words and say: India has a wide range of different and unique religions.

What or who helped me?

During this project I feel I have done a lot of work. some things I did by myself others people and things helped me with.

A book helped me e.g. a book called Taj Mahal. It is a book all about the Taj Mahal and its facts. I also used the Internet to find out things I didn’t already know about India.

After I had finished my project I did my Kew cards. To do this I had to use the information in my project to guide me along.