Digestive System


I predict that this text is going to be about how food travels through your body and how the digestive system works.


Bile, gallbladder, enzymes, amylase, sphincter and gastric.

Questions I Had As I Read:

 What is the difference between the Anus and the Rectum?

Can the body work without the Small Intestine.

Key Words:

Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Epiglottis, Windpipe.


It all starts when food goes into the mouth. Then goes through a flap called the Epiglottis. The epiglottis then sends the food to the windpipe. The windpipe then separates the good food from the waste. Then the waste food goes to the liver and the liver turns the waste into bile. Bile turns the waste fats, sugars, vitamins and proteins. Then they eventuality get sent to the Anus to leave the body as urine [wee] .

I have learnt that it can take up to 40 hours for the body to digest food because your food has to go through this process every time something goes into your mouth.




Behind The News

Guide dogs help many people that are blind but most people don’t actuality no how they get trained.Guide dogs go through a very long course to become Guide Dogs they need to get trained by very special people. I think guide dogs and guide dog trainers are both amazing.Guide dogs Well guide dogs are very special be cause it takes lots of training. I mean they are still dogs and they still get tired.Right?. Guide dog trainers Well guide dog trainers are great people because again it takes ages to train guide dogs and it takes up a lot of not only time but there time to. So that’s why i chose guide dogs for this weeks BTN.

Cyber Safety Presentation Reflection

On Thursday may 30th Mira from the A.C.M.A came to our school to talk to us about Cyber Safety. Cyber Safety are things that you can do on your computer to prevent getting bad thing like viruses.

The first thing Mira talked to us about was Internet websites like Kik, Snapchat and Instergram. Mira said that you should never put a photo of someone on the internet without their permission because other people can see look at your photo and track your location. To prevent this from happing go to your computer settings and turn of the picture locator. You will see another setting called Device tracker don’t turn that of because if you were to lose your Ipod or I pad you would be able to track it and find out were it is using that device.

Next we Talked about flaging or blocking and reporting someone or something.If you see something bad or inappropriate on the internet you can click a little flag on the side of your screen to report them that is called flaging. You can also block and report someone by clicking a block button and then you can hopefully report them by contacting the brand responsible for that site.

I really enjoyed this presentation because I got to really get a look inside computers and technology.






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