100wc week 28

” But I thought I had enough time” said Jim. Jim was a boy who always had detention because he always held in his Homework late. But the worst thing was he always came up with the worst excuses ever. One time he me toned that his dog ate his homework even when everyone knew he had no pets. But today he insists that he though that he actually had more time. But unfortunately to detention it was for him. As usual like every other day week and year. Poor jimmy what would you do if you were in his position.

100 wc week 25

It was a Tuesday morning in springville and everyone was awfully happy including on young girl called Josey. Running down the stars Josey finds herself awfully hungry. She decides to make herself a peice of toast. She puts her toast in the toaster and it POP’S up into her face. Then she gets the butter and spreads it . finnaly she is up to the peanut butter opens the lid, AHHHHHHHH  there is none left!!!!!!!!! This is terrible terrible What are we going to do?? But wait Josey decides to pull out the honey! Were all saved from this terrible disaster.

100 challenge week 24

There once lived a lovely young girl named Cinderella she was a quite capable young girl but was a slave to her rotten step mother. Until one day a letter arrived in the mail about a royal ball. She jumped at the idea but soon realised that the invitation was not for her. So she snuck out to the dress shop and stole her step mothers purse to buy a beautiful royal dress for the ball.

2 years later

As Cinderella sit on her big royal bed she sobbed at the death of her royal prince. She starts to wonder if she should have gone to the ball in the first place.

100 wc week 23

As the meteor came pushing through Earth wiping out every human source that crossed it’s path BAM!!!

Your next!!!


What’s wrong?” What’s wrong”?

But Jimmy was speechless he had no words to describe the dream that had just hit his head. Jimmy the guttering boy was in fact Speechless!!!

Now stop, Listen, and think to yourself what if this happened to the world. What if this catastrophe was in fact life we know. What would you do??

So next time you have a scary dream or interesting one . Stop. Think and wonder what you would do or where you would be if this happened.


100 Word Challange

My heart was beating incredibly fast as the sweat dripped down my face and slopped itself onto the ground. “Ahh”  It was coming straight for me “Man down” “Man down” I screamed as my brother dribbled all over me. “No” It was over and there was no point in living. “Your disgusting” ” have a shower I screamed. “Mum tell Toby to stop being such an annoying brother and stop spitting on me”


100 challenge week 35

Timmy and his mum were going on their annual holiday that they go on every year but on the way there  was an accident caused by the sun “the light was so bright” said Timmy as he was telling his grandma all about his holiday. So he got back to the story so that meant that we couldn’t go on our holiday but mum to me for ice cream instead ‘’I got chocolate” said Timmy “ I love chocolate “ Grandma laugh and smiled at Timmy “It was the best day ever but  you can come “ Said Timmy

100 WC – Week 29

It was 1:30 pm I was sitting eating my lunch when suddenly `I got a pain in my arm`. It really hurt! So I went and told my mum and she gave me a great idea. I would trace my steps throughout the whole morning and see what time it was when I hurt myself. So I got up and started thinking. `What did I did when I got up`. Then I remembered I knocked my arm on bed when I got up and it started to throb. So mum said she would take me to Doctor. She never did!!!!

100WC – Green Shoots

Mum can I go to the store and get some plants? Said Ben. Sure but be quick I here there is a storm heading this way. So Ben went all the way down to the shops and got some plants. On his way back he saw that there was some dusty air coming towards the town. Then he realized it was not a storm it was a cyclone all night ben and mum stayed together. The next day he saw that his plant had lots of shoots on it so went outside and shoot the cyclone and saved his town.