Camp Reflection

On camp we went to Canberra. It was very fun. One of my highlights was when we went to Questacon. Questacon is just like science works except WAY bigger and way more fun.

As we arrived at Questacon everyone was excited as the talked about the “Free-fall”. What’s the  free-fall? you ask well… the Free-fall is a big slide at Questacon. Basically you go up lots f stairs until you reach the top. One you finally reach the top you are greeted by the pleasant sight of people letting go of a bar and just falling ( that is why its called the free-fall). I didn’t do it but my friends did and they all had different reactions.

As an hour passed we had reached the half way mark of our trip to Questacon. There was still so much to do in so little time. Lilli eve and myself went to the building station as we were building i could not believe it when my tower just fell over it took ages to build and then i just fell.

Questacon was so and I enjoyed it allot. I think this camp was amazing.

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