100wc week 28

” But I thought I had enough time” said Jim. Jim was a boy who always had detention because he always held in his Homework late. But the worst thing was he always came up with the worst excuses ever. One time he me toned that his dog ate his homework even when everyone knew he had no pets. But today he insists that he though that he actually had more time. But unfortunately to detention it was for him. As usual like every other day week and year. Poor jimmy what would you do if you were in his position.

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  1. Brigitte, your 100 word challenge reminds me of some of my 5th grade students. Sadly, detention sometimes occurs for them, too. No detention for you, however, because you have done a nice job capturing a regular occurrence in an entertaining manner. Just remember to proofread before publishing, because I’m not sure what “he me toned” or “that he though that he” means. Overall, very good work.

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