Spelling week 10

Act 1

It is fair that all men and women have Justice, liberty and security. We need to make sure that that our premier understands that. That would mean we do not need a solicitor.

Act 2

Justice the administering of deserved punishment or reward.

Monarch sole and absolute ruler of a state or nation.

Security freedom from care, anxiety  well-founded confidence.

liberty  freedom from external or foreign rule; independence.

premier a chief officer.


Act 3

A which

B witch

C which

D which

E which

F witch

Act 4

a weather as in heat, wether as in decision

b way as in which way, weigh how much do you weigh.

c were as in clothes,    we’re as in we are      and where where are you going

d prays as in praying       praise as in praise the lord

e saw as in i saw that     soar soar through     the air and sore as in soar on your leg

f wails as in crying wails      whales the animal

g  right you got the right answer    write as in writing  rite as in your rites

h awe as in cute       oar as in boat oar    or as in or this answer



100wc week 28

” But I thought I had enough time” said Jim. Jim was a boy who always had detention because he always held in his Homework late. But the worst thing was he always came up with the worst excuses ever. One time he me toned that his dog ate his homework even when everyone knew he had no pets. But today he insists that he though that he actually had more time. But unfortunately to detention it was for him. As usual like every other day week and year. Poor jimmy what would you do if you were in his position.

Maths mate sheet 7 term 1

predict I predict this is going to involve problem solving.

read There are 92 beds in a forty two room hotel. Each room has either 2 or 3 beds.; How many rooms have 2 beds.


Big question How many rooms have 2 beds

solve:  28×2 =56 92-56=36 12 x 3 =36= 28

Answer 28

strategies guess check and improve