maths mate week 5 term 1

predict: I predict this is going to involve problem solving.

read: draw the missing face

clarify —

big question: What is the missing face?

solve : I counted through all the faces to see which had which then I realized there were 3 circle faces three hexagonal faces and two square faces so the face would be square. Then there were three sets of three hairs three sets on one hair and two sets of two hairs so it would be 2 hairs. Then  there were 3 sets of blank eyes three sets of big eyes and only 2 sets of half open eyes so it would be the half open eyes. finnaly there were three sets of blank noses three sets of big noses and only 2 sets of light shaded noses so it would be a light shaded nose.

answer: a square face a lightly shaded nose 2 hair’s and half open eyes.

stratergies: guess check and improve and do I know a similar problem?

spelling week 6

Act 1: It is compulsory that the commonwealth of Australia use very good communication because have a prescription to teat this country well. To do that we have to make sure our communist knows what they are responsible for.

Act 2:

Communist: A person who is regarded as supporting politically.

Commonwealth: A federation of states e.g the Commonwealth of Australia.

Compulsory: Something that is required.

Commission: The act of committing or giving in charge.

Coalition: A combination or alliance.

Act 3:

a I peeled all of the potatoes and out them in the pan.

b we have two pianos at home.

c we watched in awe as the two volcanoes blew up.

e the dogs chased the tree kangaroos across the paddock.

f the heroes who rescued the children were awarded with medals.

g we took lots of photos at the wedding.

h all the frighted buffaloes stampeded across the plain.

act 4

ine in wine = define, fine, dine, mine, vine, spine, line

ine in engine = genuine, famine,  vaccine , medicine,

ine in sardine = nectarine , cuisine, machine, routine, guillotine,