100 wc week 25

It was a Tuesday morning in springville and everyone was awfully happy including on young girl called Josey. Running down the stars Josey finds herself awfully hungry. She decides to make herself a peice of toast. She puts her toast in the toaster and it POP’S up into her face. Then she gets the butter and spreads it . finnaly she is up to the peanut butter opens the lid, AHHHHHHHH  there is none left!!!!!!!!! This is terrible terrible What are we going to do?? But wait Josey decides to pull out the honey! Were all saved from this terrible disaster.

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  1. Well done! I enjoyed reading your 100wc entry Brigitte. Your use of capital letters for the words POP and AHHHH were really effective and I liked the way you exaggerated such a normal occurrence as a terrible disaster.

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