spelling week 7

act 1

1.Allowed, Aloud 2. bare, bear 3.barren,baron 4. bury, berry 5. boar, bore 6. boarder, border 7. bridal, bridle 8. caught, court.

act 2

candidate: nominee for a award of honoure.

barrister: A person who is permitted to work in the law courts.

caucus: a meeting of supporters or members of a political parties.

bankruptcy: a person or cooperation that has been declared insolvent through a court proceeding.

autobiography: an account of a person’s life and events  written by that person

act 3

The night when it was dark they quietly crept along and go on the ships deck. everyone was too busy to notice them . By and by they came to a black square hole. and down they crept by a ladder what was in it ? They found a lower deck after they had gone down a little way and had just stepped on to it when the whole was covered over.

act 4

a. There are two chiefs in this tribe.

b.The cut the oranges into halves.

c. The police arrested the three thieves.

d.The baker gave me seven loaves of bread.

e. The men and there wives are touring to gold coast.

f. We stacked the books on the two bottom shelves.

g. The wolves were driven off by the noise of the guns.

h. We swept up all the fallen leaves in the garden.


100 wc week 25

It was a Tuesday morning in springville and everyone was awfully happy including on young girl called Josey. Running down the stars Josey finds herself awfully hungry. She decides to make herself a peice of toast. She puts her toast in the toaster and it POP’S up into her face. Then she gets the butter and spreads it . finnaly she is up to the peanut butter opens the lid, AHHHHHHHH  there is none left!!!!!!!!! This is terrible terrible What are we going to do?? But wait Josey decides to pull out the honey! Were all saved from this terrible disaster.

maths mate sheet 4 term 1 question 22

predict: I predict this question is going to involve problem solving.

read: Outside Kaitlin front gate there is a power pole. Along the street there a several more power poles all evenly spaced. starting at the first pole it takes Kaitlin 30 seconds to get to the third pole. At this rate how long will it take her to get to pole 6?

Clarify:  —

Big question: How long will it take Kaitlin to get to pole six?

strategies: Prior knowledge, Have a seen a question similar to this before?

Solve: I knew that it took Kaitlin 30 seconds to get to pole 3 but she only ran 2 poles. so it would take her 75 seconds for 15 seconds per pole.