spelling act 1/3

role:a part or character played by an actor or actress.

roll:to move along a surface by revolving or turning over and over,as a ball or a wheel.

Vice: A backup or an assistant.

One: A single or loan some.

won: past tense for win or winning.

counsel: an instruction, piece of advice or assistance.

council:an assembly of persons summoned or convened for consultation,deliberation, or advice

lie:a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive

Lie: to stay stil on the flor in a statu position.

tear: to rip or shreed an object.

tear: a  drop that comes from the eye when sad on emotional.


the mare of our local council has approved a project to build road through the local park. My mother wrote to our local member to say the rights of children have been denied. As a tax payer she felt she had to have her say as did many other people who also sent there own objections through the mail. The road has been allowed to go ahead anyway. The council won.



Spelling act 3 spelling group 2

1. justice: giving fair play to everyone no matter the circumstances.(e.g.) You cant sit in the front of the classroom because you have green hair. If you had justice, in this case you would be able to sit wherever you liked.

2. mayor: The chief executive official, usually elected, of a city, village, or town.

3. election:the selection of a person or persons for office by vote.

4.traffic:The movement of vehicles, ships and people  etc.: the heavy traffic on Main Street.

5. transport: To carry, move, or convey from one place to another.

BTN Sochi Security

3 Recalls

1. Sochi spent millions on security for the winter games

2.There was a war between Sochi and Russia as Sochi demanded more freedom.

3. There have been threats for prisers in Sochi saying that they plan to sabotage the games.

2 insights

1.the Olympians in the games aren’t aloud the leave the dome in case they were to get harmed.

2. The parents of the contestants are saying that they don’t feel comfortable with there kids going to the Olympics.

1 question

1.what if one of the contestants was to get harmed or threaten. would the Olympics still go ahead?

100 wc week 23

As the meteor came pushing through Earth wiping out every human source that crossed it’s path BAM!!!

Your next!!!


What’s wrong?” What’s wrong”?

But Jimmy was speechless he had no words to describe the dream that had just hit his head. Jimmy the guttering boy was in fact Speechless!!!

Now stop, Listen, and think to yourself what if this happened to the world. What if this catastrophe was in fact life we know. What would you do??

So next time you have a scary dream or interesting one . Stop. Think and wonder what you would do or where you would be if this happened.


Maths Mate sheet 2 question 22

Prediction: I predict this problem is going to involve accsessing prior knowledge

Read: For hurdles races, the hurdles are placed 10m apart. For example, a 60m race has 5 hurdles. How many hurdles are required for a 100m race ?

Clarify: —

Find the big picture: How many hurdles are required for a 100m race ?

Solution : well If there were only 5 hurdles in a 60m race that’s because there wouldn’t be a hurdle at the very start. If it were a 100m race there would only be 9 hurdles because again, you wouldn’t he a hurdle at the very start.

Summary: In the end the answer was 9. during the time i spent working out this problem I accessed my prior knowledge and tried to think back and see if i had done a similar problem before.


Maths mate Term 1 Sheet 1 problem

Question 23 : which 2 weights need to be swapped to match the scales

Predict: I think this problem is a number based problem. I predict this is going to involve addition and subtraction

Clarify: Balance each side needs to be equal/even weight.

Find the big picture: swap two weights to make sure both sides of the scale weight the same amount.

Solution :  1 add up both sides to see how much the both weigh right 16 left 12

2 i used trial and error by swapping 4 kilograms and five kilograms

3 finally is swapped 9 and 7 and got  the answer of 14.

Summary: In the end i got an answer of 14 on each side.  During this operation I used 2 mathematicians toolbox strategy 1. guess cheek and improve 2. Do I know a similar problem.

Maths sheet 1 term 1 question 24

Predict : I predict that this problem is going to involve the four  operation’s.

Read : Fill in the missing digits given that no digit is repeted.

Clarify :–

Mathematicians toolbox:

  • Do I know a similar problem?
  • Guess, check and improve
  • Try a simpler problem
  • Write an equation
  • Make a list or table
  • Work backwards
  • Act it out
  • Draw a picture or graph
  • Make a model
  • Look for a pattern
  • Try all possibilities
  • Seek an exception
  • Break the problem into smaller parts

Big question: What are the missing digits in the problem

Answer: Top row 3 middle row 7 & 6 bottom row 5

100 Word Challenge week #22

A group of campers set sail on a voyage to take them to a virtual land. But with this trip would come a lot of risk.


The group had made it to the land. What lay before them was an array of colour, a sparkle of light, a world of wonder. This magical land had never been heard of before and they knew they would make a mark in history. They had found something rare something magical something of their own that no one would ever know about. So if they could keep this there’s it would start a new chapter in life as we know it