Maths Mate sheet 6 term 3 question 22


I predict that this is going to involve Addition and multiplication.


In a class of 22 students, there are 4 more girls that boys. How many girls are in the class?




half of 22 is 11 and there would be 9 boys and 13 girls because 9 plus 4 =13.

Mathematicians toolbox

Draw a table or a list.


Maths Mate sheet 7 Term 3 Question 22


I predict this is going to involve subtraction.


Jim and his younger sister Rachael were born on the same day of the year, but five years apart. There was a total of 25 candles on their last cakes last birthday how old is rachael?


My answer was 11 because i knew that they were  5 years apart so 11 plus 14 =25.



Mathematicians toolbox:

I used one of the four operations and that was subtraction.



Maths Mate sheet 8 term 3 question 22

Predict: I predict that this problem will involve the four maths

Read: Ian started with the same number of marbles as his brother Francis, Ian realises he now has twice as many marbles as his brother. How many marbles dose Ian have now?

Clarify: Nothing to clarify

Solve: My first answer was 8 but then I got 16 because I thought if they start with four 2×4=8 but he would have to start with zero so the answer would have to be 16.

Mathematicians toolbox: I drew a diagram

Answer: 16


The Story of Junga Historical fiction

“Kaya mama” “I went to get some berries to celebrate my day”

“Kaya Junga” “I’m afraid I have some bade news no time to celebrate your day white man is come .

” But why?” asked Junga abruptly?

“No time” “No time”

But Junga didn’t understand this meant more that her missing her day. To white man this meant war.

“Mama I see white man” “I’m worried” gestured Junga

“I keep you safe don’t worry” replied Mama “But the best thing to do now is run because white man is coming”

At that moment Junga jumped up of the ground and started to run.

“Come Mama lets go” said Junga

“No” replied Mama “you go I stay” “Go Go”

This time Junga knew mama was serious so she did what she thought was right an ran as fast as she could.

“Where’s the kid” Shouted a white man.

But Mama just shrugged her shoulders in dispear.

“I asked you a question now answer me”

Mama started to become uncomfortable with the situation at hand.

“What’s your name miss” asked the white man

“Yanda” replied Mama

“Well Yanda you ether tell me were the kid is or you get it” “Do you understand me?’

“Teddy” Replied a voice from the distance “Step of mate we didn’t come here to kill’em. “We just came here to you know what”

“Yes Sargent mat smith” replied Teddy.

Unfortunately Yanda heard.

“Are you going to kill my little girl because if you are…

“Calm down miss it’s note like were going to fry her and turn her into and egg” said Sargent Mat smith.

“She might be cooking us eggs” the men laughed.

“No” “Your not getting my girl” replied Yanda.

At that moment Junga had realized what was going on and she was not happy about it. She raced back to her mum even though she knew it was a bad idea.

As Junga raced back to her mum she realized something that made her feel strange. As she looked around she realized that there were more white men that before and they were starting to pile in more and more like this was there land. And it wasn’t it was Junga and Yanda’s and there friends land. She had to do something.

As she got back to her mum she saw something that disturbed her.

“Get away from my Mama” shouted Junga

At that moment Junga grabbed her mama and they sprinted as far away from the men as possible. But the men did something very strange. Instead of chasing them they just slowly grabbed a machine and shoot it straight for Yanda’s head.

“Mama” shouted Junga but she knew that she was gone and the only thing that Junga could do was run.

Years past and Junga grew up into a woman of her own and even though Yanda wasn’t there she was still there in  Junga’s heart and no white man no nothing could take that away from her,



T.O.M tournament of the minds

On Friday the eighteenth of August was T.O.M(Tournament of the minds). Tournament of the minds is a program that children from Primary school and Secondary are offered every year as a bit of a challenge that they can work on and verse other schools in. First of all you get in to groups of seven ranging from all different year levels such as 3-6 or 7-9. Then there are four different challenges they are Language lit, Maths engineering, Social sciences and Applied technology. You then get six months to come up with a solution to your challenge and ten mins on the day to present it and the best solution wins. Oh and did I forget to mention that there are lots of different stages that you can pass if you get past the first couple rounds and make it to the final then you get to go overseas.

Along with a six month challenge there is also another one that you get randomly thrown at you on the day called the Spontaneous challenge. The Spontaneous challenge is usually a problem solving one. (E.G) Every year there is a day to celebrate cats what is it called and why would it be celebrated. You then get four mins to discuss the challenge and one minute to present it.

I think Tournament of the minds is a great experience because you get a sense of leadership and you also get a challenge to test your mind skills. My opinion states that you should do Tournament of the minds as is a great challenge and a very fun way to look back and enjoy your year.