Behind The News

From The Garden To The Plate.


I did my report on how people grow plants and then eat them on a daily basis. on a little block of land that was once a tennis court there is now a vegetable farm run by the community. Everyone gets to take part to develop the farm and then eat the vegetables.

The community restaurant uses the vegetables in the food to try to get people more interested in the farm. Some of the vegetables include: lettuces, carrots and tomatoes. One day this community would like to get more people interested so they can provide more vegetables.

Problem Picture

Predict: We predict that in this problem we will have to use our knowledge on volume.


Clarify: Revolution, turn

Mathematicians Toolbox Strategy: Draw a diagram and prior knowledge, Work backwards.

Solve: To solve the first part of the question we thought about clocks and a saying that we Learnt from a friend. Also we looked at the picture and that helped us to. In the end we decided that it would turn anti clockwise. And for the next part of the question we 9 because we counted all of the little spirals

Summary: This question was easy if you look at it.


My Understandings on adding fractions

I find adding fractions easy but I would like to get better at adding the dominator.The dominator[the bottom number] is telling you how many peace’s there are. The numerator[the top number] is telling you how many you are keeping.