Goals for semester one Brigitte

This semester I would like to get better at multiplication and division. I would like to get better at multiplication and division because I want to be able to do hard problems off the top of my head .I would also like to improve my grammar and punctuation because I’m a good writer but when I want to make my writing more exciting I am not sure where to put the punctuation or grammar. Finally, I would like to be involved in class discussions and let my opinion be heard.

term 2 math mate sheet 5 Problom 23

Prediction: I predict this is going to include Doubling

Question: What is the weight of 7 bricks if three and a half bricks equal 7kg?

work out: First I found out that 3 and a half was half of 7. so I doubled 7 and got the answer of 14 kg

strategy: the strategy I used was break the problem into small parts because I doubled 3 and a half then I doubled 7

Term 2 maths mate sheet 4

prediction: I predict this is going to include my times tables

Question: How many numbers between 20 and 31 are divisible by 3?

Work Out: First I said my 3 times tables up to 31 in my head 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30. I only went up to 30 because it says between 20 and 31 and if I went higher it would be greater than 31 it would be 33. The I realized that it said between 20 so I went to 7×3 and that was 21 it was past 20 so that was the lowest I could start on.

Answer: The answer is 4 because there were 4 groups of 3 between 20 and 31.

Strategy: The strategy I used was break the problem up because I solved the problem one step at a time.

term2 page 3 Mathmate

predict: I predict this question is going to involve Multiplication.x.

Question: How many numbers are divisible by 8 between 17 and 61?

Work out: to work this problem out I had to recite all the 8 times tables between 17 and 61.

Answer: The final answer for this problem was 5.

Mathematicians Toolbox: the strategy I used from the  mathematicians toolbox was break the problem into small parts because I said the time tables over separately to make sure I was right.

Grammar-mania! write 10 sentences of your own.

 Write 10 sentences of your own. Underline all the nouns you used.

1. The boat was docked on the shore.

2. My cat ate a mouse.

3. My friends name is Ellie and she loves grapes.

4. My friend’s mum is very moody and mean.

5.I have a cat  that is fat.

6. It gets cold in the north pole.

7. My name is Brigitte and i play the Cello.

8. My name is Grace and i love to eat grapes.

9.  In Australia it is hot in summer.

10. I have a Farm with lots of animals Cows, Horses and Sheep.

100 WC – Week 29

It was 1:30 pm I was sitting eating my lunch when suddenly `I got a pain in my arm`. It really hurt! So I went and told my mum and she gave me a great idea. I would trace my steps throughout the whole morning and see what time it was when I hurt myself. So I got up and started thinking. `What did I did when I got up`. Then I remembered I knocked my arm on bed when I got up and it started to throb. So mum said she would take me to Doctor. She never did!!!!