Grammar-mania! Exercise 2: Nouns

1. From the top of a small hill, we saw the Northumberland Strait.
2. The ocean was calm, and the clouds were Beautiful.
3. Then, the little boats began to appear.
4. The fishermen were out checking their traps for lobster.
5. Many people in this area spend most of their lives on the sea.
6. Local markets are full of mussels, clams, scallops, and lobster.
7. In small villages, canneries prepare seafood for shipment to Japan.
8. When their boats are full, the fishermen return to their harbours for the night.
9. If the weather is good, their catch is usually large.
10. Storms make life on the water dangerous.

Grammar-mania! LESSON 1: NOUNS

1. The dog chased the cat under the porch.
2. Muffins made with blueberries are delicious.
3. My daughter sold her computer to a friend.
4. Robert drove his car to Saint John and shopped for a new truck.
5. So much snow covered the roads, that even truck drivers pulled into motels.
6. The passengers on the ship witnessed the collision with the iceberg.
7. The Titanic sank in a few hours; many husbands and wives were separated.
8. Penguins live near the South Pole, but these birds aren’t bothered by the cold.
9. Many retired couples move to Florida where the weather is warmer.
10. Shediac is closer to the Confederation Bridge than Riverview is.

Term One Research Project: A World Of Difference

Make a list of the most important things you learnt?

I learnt a lot while doing this project. most of the things I had no idea even existed in India’s culture. the most important things I learnt while doing this project where presentation and research skills. I learnt how to gather information and mould it together to form as one. e.g. I had two different pieces of information one on how the taj mahal was made and the other was on facts about the taj mahal and I moulded them together to sound like this: the taj mahal is made of pure white marble and is 2,555 ft. wide.

What can you do now that you could not do before?

After having this experience I can take away a lot with me. something I can do now is put information into my own words e.g. if I found a piece of information that said India have a lot of religions. I would put it in to my own words and say: India has a wide range of different and unique religions.

What or who helped me?

During this project I feel I have done a lot of work. some things I did by myself others people and things helped me with.

A book helped me e.g. a book called Taj Mahal. It is a book all about the Taj Mahal and its facts. I also used the Internet to find out things I didn’t already know about India.

After I had finished my project I did my Kew cards. To do this I had to use the information in my project to guide me along.







sheet one term one problem 22

prediction:  I predict that this problem will involve the four operations Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Question: How many numbers between 1 and 60 are divisible by 11.

Work out: To work this problem out I just said all the 11 times tables out loud and counted how many time tables there wore.

Answer: The answer for this problem was 11.

100WC – Green Shoots

Mum can I go to the store and get some plants? Said Ben. Sure but be quick I here there is a storm heading this way. So Ben went all the way down to the shops and got some plants. On his way back he saw that there was some dusty air coming towards the town. Then he realized it was not a storm it was a cyclone all night ben and mum stayed together. The next day he saw that his plant had lots of shoots on it so went outside and shoot the cyclone and saved his town.