Persuasive Text School Uniform

I strongly believe that school uniform should be compulsory for all schools. School uniform means more than just looking neat it means getting to school on time in the morning trust me I have learnt that from personal experiences. So to save you the pain of having to go through that read this and I will show all those kids out there that school uniform is a great thing.


First of all school uniform is a great thing because it means that young kids wont get bullied if there not as fashion forward as others. People might not have enough time or money to spend on looking and buying clothes for their children. And school uniform is just one of those things that you can get ready the day before. Getting things ready for school the night before leads back to getting to school on time. You don’t have to pick out three different things from your wardrobe because with school uniform you don’t have a choice you just pick it up and your done.


My second reason is that if you were school uniform you are Representing your school when you go out in public.[e.g.] If someone elderly has fallen over and there is nobody around but you. So you help him and you find out he is ok and he asks you what school you go to so you tell him and he says he will call them up and tell them how nice you have been to him.


My final reason is that if all schools have school uniform then it will make the school look like they are very educated and make there school look like they care about there students feelings.


In conclusion I believe all schools should have school  Uniform. Thanks for listening.

5 Whys

Why do I come to school?

A. To Learn.

Q. Why do I need to learn?

A. So I can get a job.

Q. Why do I need to get a job?

A. To earn money.

Q. Why do I need to earn money?

A. So I can buy shelter and food.

Q. Why do I want to buy shelter and food?

A. So I can live.